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BRILLSTEIN and COBRA Services LC is registered in Delaware (USA) as a service and security company. We are also licensed as instructor for various security and safety training programmes.

As regards the security of your company against espionage of any kind, we prepare your whole staff and/or key personell in order to be able to identify espionage attempts, how to counter these, how to react in a safe and professional way. Please do not consider just the security guards at the entrance to be your security staff. As far as espionage is being concerned, your COMPLETE staff should be included. Turn all of your employees into your security system. ALl your staff are the bearers of company data and company secrets. Be aware that there are MANY more ways to spy on your company than the internet and computers... if you do not prepare your staff against espionage, you are probably already losing important company data right now. Let us discuss how we can make your company safe!


If you are a security professional, our training programme"undercover operative" will give you not only an edge over your competitors, but also open the door to a highly lucrative new field of security work.. As an Undercover Operative you will be a specialist of highest value..

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Contact us any time - we are looking forward to service you all professional services you or your business may need in the area of private intelligence!

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