Know yourself and know your enemy...

The above quote is from the famous General SunTzu's book "The Art of War" - about 2000 years old. You have most probably already heard about it. This expert on warfare developed the strategy for success. One of his most important rules: you must own, protect and control intelligence - which a fancy word for information. You must know yourself - with all strengths and weaknesses - and you must know your opponent, in every detail and up-to-date data. It is our mission to assist you in achieving these goals on the most professional level. --> SEE A FULL LIST OF OUR SERVICES<--

Private and Corporate Intelligence

Information you need to obtain or protect in order to conduct successful business operations, or for your peace of mind.

Global Investigations

From regular investigations, fraud investigations and locating persons, to any kind of investigations including deep cover and undercover operations, woldwide, on any scale needed - we offer you any service you may need in the field of private investigations.

Our team leaders have up to 30+ years of experience with international intel operations !

Private Intelligence Services

Examples of our private information services:

Corporate Intelligence


Identify and assess threats with countersurveillance, investigations, analysis and background checks to help identify and eleminate every kind of vulnerabilities for companies like business-partner-checks, integrity-checks (integrity due dilligence), pree-employment-screenings. KYE-, KYB-, KYC- und KYS-Checks (know your employee, business partner, customer, supplier)..

Prevention Romance Scams


Information gathering and investigations with marriage fraud, love/sex blackmailing and other partnership issues like cheating or child matters. Background checks of partnership and marriage candidates. Worldwide child abduction recovery services.

Become an Associate


For example, if you are a journalist, scientist, manager, diplomat, politician, lobbyist or member of a security agency and want to share important information with us, then get in touch with us. Become a partner of us - become one of our "silent associates". 100% confidentiality and source protection guaranteed. "Discretio Prioritas" is our motto.

Private Intelligence Services

More examples of our private information services:

Security Intelligence

Gathering Information

Skilled intelligence operators obtain the right kind of corporate or business intelligence you need. Up-to-date and fact-checked. Worldwide - with overt or covert methods. This may concern market research or protection of your own assets.

Supporting Protection Teams

Denial of Access

Surveillance activities to support a protection force. Identify threats and assista protection force in locating such threat and neutralize them, or deny access, both in close protection or static protection or any other type operation.

Missing Persons

Skip Tracing

We specialize in worldwide location of persons in any context, from skip tracing (debtors on the run), bail bond investigation, missing persons etc. Emergency extraction or negotiation services are also within the scope of our expertise.

We offer FULL PROFESSIONAL TRAINING: your career as an intelligence expert - click here for more info

Every business needs expert information - there's no way around it

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Expert Operators

Only skilled experts know how to properly obtain, analyze and protect information that are vital for your business


Supporting governmental security and intelligence agencies or company business intelligence departments, as an intelligence contractor

Certified Agency

Licensed by Brillstein Security Group, we are qualified to train your staff in all matters related to corporate intelligence

Without up-to-date information, no business or secuity operation will be successfull in this new world!

You can operate on pure luck - maybe you do or you don't have the intelligence you need, maybe your own assets are or are NOT properly protected against espionage.

But if you want to be CERTAIN, you need the RIGHT kind of information and protection. Security and Business intelligence is a specialized field for professionals. Silent Professionals LC offer you that level of expertise to assist you in achieving your goals.

For best results hire professionals:

FAQ - what is a private intelligence service?

  • How does a private intel service operate?

    An intelligence services has 3 main objectives: -obtaining information -analyzing information -keeping other parties from accessing protected information. There are specific methods for each of these areas - some are overt, some covert, some technical, some undercover, some even long-term deep cover missions. It is a well-known fact that espionage is happening on all kinds of levels all the time - governments, competitors, criminal organisations, terror groups, even the VATICAN is conducting espionage (in fact, the latter has the oldest still operating intelligence service in the world...). If you are doing business, chances are that someone are conducting espionage against your company RIGHT NOW. Corporate espionage has become a "NORMAL THING". Even your own social media app are spying on you! Depending on your kind of business, the threat is immense. We have the wherewithall, the experience and the network to support, assist and protect you on any level.

  • Who really needs a private intelligence service?

    Well, in fact ANYONE conducting any kind of serious business or any kind of security operation needs intelligence (or information). You cannot be successful long-term without up-to-date, correct info about your market, your company, your own security service, your competitors. And the world and the markets change constantly, a business owner usually doesn't have the expertise or the time to handle the information business. Experts are the right solution. Security teams need intel just as much, if you do not KNOW the threat in all details, you will always be one step behind the opponent. Market research, for instance, is a form of intelligence gathering. Knowing exactly WHO is your competitor is just as important as REALLY knowing your key staff. The world being as it is, the threats are coming from so many sides today; the business of the unprepared will suffer eventually.

  • Is a private intelligence service even legal?

    Yes, absolutely. Intelligence experts operate within the law, just like lawyers or investigators. Of course there are limits, just like for investigators, but there are also specific methods of obtaining information that regular investigators may not or cannot use, that require a special finesse, experience and training. This concerns both the acquisition of intel, as well as the protection of the client's assets. Another field of expertise is the analysis and corroboration of intel. All these actions are fully within the law. Our team will never expose our clients to another legal problems.

  • What is intelligence brokering or information brokering?

    Certain companies specialize in brokering information. These entities research a number of "sources" in order to find needed info for their clientel. Some of such information is openly available, and other information must be actively obtained by use of various means. Information YOUR business needs may very well already be available in the databanks of such brokers. Information brokering might be a faster way instead of trying to find information by means of investigation etc. On account of our network - the Brillstein Security Group has been operating in the field of private intelligence for about 35 years on an international level - we have not only the experience but a large network and connections to the right kind of experts worldwide at our disposal. The information you may need most probably already exists somewhere. Due to our longstanding connections, we can approach such experts and obtain qualified intel for our clients. This is being called information brokering. This process can considerably shorten the time needed to get the information required.

  • How much does an intelligence service cost?

    It is near impossible to answer that question generally. It all depends on the exact service needed, what kind of actions are necessary etc. Informations are the most valuable asset of any business, or any enterprise of any kind, and any government for that matter. Certain information are very hard to get. It may take a lot of time and effort. However, NOT obtaining the info your business needs, or NOT protecting your business against the various forms of espionage and threats is CERTAINLY much more costly... If you feel you require professional assistance in this area, contact us now and we'll analyze your situation and offer you a solution!