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"Know your enemy, know yourself"
Sun Tzu (ca. 520 B.C.)
Chinese military general, strategist

Silent Professionals LC (Wyoming, USA) is a security service and training company, part of the Brillstein Security Group. Brillstein Security is a major provider of private intelligence services, training and other related security services with about 600 affiliated partner companies worldwide.

Our era is being called “information age” for a reason. Our world and even our lives have become more and more digital, both private and business. “Data”, or information – sometimes being referred to as “intelligence” - has become almost a currency, and a very important one at that. Obtaining and protecting such data has become a core task for any business, government, and organisation.

If you have any need of private intelligence services or counsel in, as a private person or business, Silent Professionals, as part of the Brillstein Security Group, can provide you with professional services worldwide. Obtaining or protecting data, matters of corporate espionage, background vetting of staff, clients or associates, training of your staff as regards counter-intelligence, as well as internal security services and penetration tests, and any related service is what we can offer you. We guarantee you absolute confidentiality and at your disposal.

Knowledge is power. Thus, obtaining such knowledge and protecting your own data is of paramount importance. We are the right partner for you in these important matters; should you have any needs in this regard, we should make an appointment shortly. Contact us any time. Let us discuss how we can make your company safer!


WE WORK HARD TO DELIVER A HIGH QUALITY SERVICE . OUR AIM IS YOUR COMPLETE SATISFACTION . SILENT PROFESSIONALS LC is a Wyoming based service and security company. Our staff are experts on their fields - from investigations, protections service to professional security counsel, and private intelligence. Whatever your needs are in these areas, we will provide you with the right professional service. Member of the Brillstein Security Group.



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