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"Know your enemy, know yourself" Sun Tzu (ca. 520 B.C.), Chinese military general, strategist, and philosopher

Our era is being called “information age” for a reason. Our world and even our lives have become more and more digital, both private and business. “Data”, or information – sometimes being referred to as “intelligence” - has become almost a currency, and a very important one at that. Obtaining and protecting such data is now a core task for any business, government, and organization.

The importance of “intelligence” is by no means news. About 2500 years back, the above mentioned Sun Tzu wrote a manual about the art of war, comprising the rules for espionage and the use of spies, and these rules are still valid to this very day. Espionage is the MOST IMPORTANT single activity of governments and security services. Espionage is also the MOST ECONOMIC way to secure both military and business success. No government in the world can do without taking care of espionage and counter-espionage, nor would any government have the intention to refrain from it. Even the Vatican has an intelligence service, a very effective one, too, and one of the oldest still existing ones in history. READ FULL ARTICLE (PDF)

Overview Services

We offer you all services needed in the area of private intelligence services, such as

  • Obtaining data and information

  • procurement of all pertinent data and information

  • intelligence operations

  • infiltration by short- or long-term informants

  • Counter-Intelligence

  • all measures of counter-espionage

  • use of intelligence methods e.g. to defeat product piracy

  • Security and Protection

  • background checks (vetting) of staff, candidates, suppliers, associates, new investors

  • penetration tests – security checks, identifying possible security problems, leaks, threats, conduct loyalty tests, test the reaction of your key staff as regards counter-espionage techniques

  • Assessment if your company data is already being dealt on the “information market” and if so by whom and to which extend

  • Training

  • Training of staff in general – turn your staff into your extended “security system”

  • Training of key staff – awareness and professional counter-espionage, counter-surveillance, early-detection and more

  • Professional counter-intelligence training

  • Emergency action plans in the case of any attack by means of espionage methods

  • Training of security operators in the areas of intelligence, counter-intelligence, undercover operations


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